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The information is fragile. It's not surprising to find some files or articles on the Internet, then came back after a few months or years only to see them being offline. Many people relied on free hostings which regularly purge old files or which just were closed like Rapidshare and Megaupload. Some files were kept on corporate servers and got removed when the company decided to "end the support" of some product or device. There are also some information that only exists in physical form and was never published to the Internet. This information needs to be saved and preserved.

This page is my humble attempt at saving some of the files that are no longer available on the Internet. Most of the files was kept on my hard drive for ages, some of them were recovered from e-mail archives or small obscure sites similar to this one. I ask you to not be surprised by the lack of coherent theme, as well by the barebone nature of this page - my main concern is saving the files I have my hands at by publishing them to the Web and mirroring them as much as I can.

Keep in mind that thit page will probably go offline sometime. NeoCities could go out of business, or the site, being hosted on a free plan, could be hammered by incoming traffic and purged. That's why I encourage you to download as much as you can from this site and distribute it on your sites or on various archives or file storeges. The more copies of the file is present on the Web, the better.

Note: This page is under construction. After I publish all files that I can, I will start making this site decent-looking and improve the navigation. Besides, I will add Russian translation - my native language is Russian, and good chunk of files published here are mostly interesting for Russian-speaking people. The reason why I made English variant of the site first is because I want site's information to be accessible by most people aroung the world.

Home PC magazine, 2008

These are the last six issues of Russian tech magazine "Home PC"/"Домашний компьютер". They were never published on official online PDF archive of the magazine, and some of them were never oficially pulished in electronic form whatsoever. Issues #1 2008 to #4 2008 were downloaded from RuTracker.org torrent, and links to issues #5 2008 and #6 2008 were given in the comments section. The issue #5 was scanned from prited copy, the issue #6 was presumably published by one of magazine's authors on his personal forum; I found it on unknown file storage in late 2000s.

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